Environmental monitoring

Multi-parameter meter HI 98194 is a portable (instrument, probe) multi-parameter logging system that monitors up to 14 different water quality parameters (7 measurements and 7 calculations).

Aeroqual’s 500 Series monitor is a feature-rich, portable monitor with the ability to make multiple measurements of specific gases at different concentrations in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The NL-52 meter is designed for sound level measurement according to international standards. It serves as a support for mditioning sound propagation areas.

Principles in monitoring service


All the products we use in monitoring are environmentally friendly and non-invasive with the environment.

Clean technology

Non-pollution is one of our foundations, so we value environmentally friendly products and monitoring processes.

Our day-to-day

Every day we support our customers to reconcile the imperatives of environmental protection with the need to achieve higher levels of competitiveness, always considering the virtuous cycle of knowledge, trust and results

Challenge us

We will surprise you by the sustainable environmental practice, integrity, rigor, speed in responding to the requests of our customers, combined with competitive prices, have been important factors for our consolidation in this market.