Eco-Eficiência, Lda; is a company that provides Consulting, Auditing and Environmental Monitoring services, committed to the continuous improvement of processes applicable to the development of projects with a standard of excellence and sustainability, to meet the needs of the stakeholders involved, based on the following principles:

Customer Satisfaction

To seek the satisfaction of its clients by adopting practices and technologies of excellence, promoting the best socio-environmental engineering solutions regarding deadlines, costs, and quality of its services.

Knowledge and Motivation

Promote the training, well-being, and awareness of its employees regarding Quality, Safety, Environment, Health, and Social Responsibility issues.

  • Relationship with Partners: Establish and maintain strong relationships with strategic partners of mutual trust.
  • Responsibility and Integrity: Follow and comply with rules and regulations, as well as legal and contractual requirements. To seek excellence and commitment to the continuous improvement of the quality management system and the productivity of

Eco-Eficiência, Lda. is committed to conducting annual reviews of the Quality Policy or whenever applicable.